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Air Monitoring Site Information

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Site DescriptionAddressCityStateCounty
RegionAQI Metro AreaCBSACSAResponsible Entity

CAMSEPA SiteSite DescriptionStreet AddressCityAQI Metro AreaResponsible Entity
40 18-035-0010Albany700 W. State St. (Albany Elem Sch)AlbanyMuncieIDEM East Central Regional Office
35 18-095-0011Anderson-Eastside Elem. School844 N. Scatterfield Rd. (Eastside Elem Sch)AndersonIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
66 18-063-0004Avon7203 E. US 36AvonIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
69 18-105-0003Bloomington - Binford2300 E. Second St. (Binford Elem Sch)BloomingtonBloomingtonIDEM East Central Regional Office
12 18-173-0008Boonville300 N. 1st St./ Boonville High SchoolBoonvilleEvansville-HendersonIDEM South West Regional Office
18 18-039-0007Bristol705 Indiana Ave. (Bristol Elem Sch)BristolElkhart-GoshenIDEM North Central Regional Office
4 18-019-0008Charlestown State Park12500 State Rd. 62/Charlestown State ParkCharlestownLouisvilleIDEM South East Regional Office
81 18-005-0008Columbus - Rocky Ford Rd3475 Trestle DrColumbusColumbusIDEM East Central Regional Office
52 18-173-0011Dayville3488 Eble Rd.DayvilleEvansville-HendersonIDEM South West Regional Office
86 18-089-0034East Chicago - Marina3301 Aldis St.East ChicagoGaryIDEM North West Regional Office
72 18-039-0008Elkhart-Prairie St2745 Prairie St.ElkhartElkhart-GoshenIDEM North Central Regional Office
15 18-163-0021Evansville-Buena Vista Rd1110 W. Buena Vista Rd.EvansvilleEvansville-HendersonIDEM South West Regional Office
46 18-163-0022Evansville-Lloyd10 S. 11th Ave.EvansvilleEvansville-HendersonIDEM South West Regional Office
68 18-145-0001Fairland4740 W. 600 N. (Triton Central MS)FairlandIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
77 18-057-0007Fishers11775 Brooks School RoadFishersIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
36 18-015-0002Flora481 S. 150 W./150 W. Rd. South of SR 18 (Flora Airport)FloraLafayetteIDEM West Central Regional Office
31 18-089-0022Gary-IITRI201 Mississippi St. (IITRI Bunker)GaryGaryIDEM North West Regional Office
74 18-141-0016Granger-Beckley St12441 Beckley St.GrangerSouth BendIDEM North Central Regional Office
6 18-089-2008Hammond-141st St1300 E. 141st St.HammondGaryIDEM North West Regional Office
83 18-089-0036Hammond-167th St.1313 167th St.HammondGaryIDEM
76 18-005-0007Hope9404 N775 EHopeColumbusIDEM East Central Regional Office
1 18-097-0073Indpls-E.16th St6125 E. 16th. St.IndianapolisIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
42 18-097-0078Indpls-Washington Park3120 E. 30th St. (Washington Park)IndianapolisIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
55 18-097-0081Indpls-W. 18th St3351 W. 18th St. (School 90)IndianapolisIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
56 18-097-0057Indpls-Harding St1321 S. Harding St.IndianapolisIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
57 18-097-0078Indpls-Washington Park3120 E. 30th St. (Washington Park)IndianapolisIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
60 18-097-0050Indpls-Ft. Harrison5753 Glenn Road (Fort Harrison St Park)IndianapolisIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
73 18-097-0086Indpls-Southport3800 W. Southport Rd. (Southport Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant)IndianapolisIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
78 18-097-0087Indpls - I-70 E1650 Ludlow Ave.IndianapolisIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
24 18-163-0013Inglefield14940 Old State Rd (Scott School)InglefieldEvansville-HendersonIDEM South West Regional Office
85 18-019-0010Jeffersonville - Bates-Bowyer Ave1420 Bates-Bowyer AveJeffersonvilleLouisvilleIDEM South East Regional Office
79 18-067-0004Kokomo - E. Vaile Ave.1801 E. Vaile AveKokomoKokomoIDEM East Central Regional Office
34 18-091-0010LaPorte-E. Lincolnway2011 E. LincolnwayLaPorteMichigan CityIDEM North West Regional Office
51 18-157-0008Lafayette-Greenbush St3401 Greenbush St. (Cinergy Substation)LafayetteLafayetteIDEM West Central Regional Office
70 18-183-0003Larwill710 N. State Rd. 5 (Whitko Middle School)LarwillFort WayneIDEM North East Regional Office
65 18-011-0001Whitestown3900 E. 300 S. (Perry-Worth Elem Sch)LebanonIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
49 18-123-0009Leopold19856 Old St Rd 37/Perry Central HSLeopoldLeopoldIDEM South West Regional Office
19 18-003-0002Leo HS14600 Amstutz Rd.LeoFort WayneIDEM North East Regional Office
39 18-065-0003Mechanicsburg7354 W. US36 Shenandoah High SchoolMechanicsburgMechanicsburgIDEM East Central Regional Office
16 18-091-0005Michigan City-W. Michigan Blvd490 W. Michigan Blvd.Michigan CityMichigan CityIDEM North West Regional Office
80 18-013-0001Helmsburg4831 Helmsburg Rd.NashvilleBloomingtonIDEM East Central Regional Office
3 18-043-1004New Albany2230 Green Valley Rd.New AlbanyLouisvilleIDEM South East Regional Office
71 18-057-0006Noblesville-191st St9900 E. 191st St. (Our Lady of Grace)NoblesvilleIndianapolis-Carmel-AndersonIDEM East Central Regional Office
21 18-141-0010Potato Creek State Park25601 State Rd.4 Potato Creek State ParkNorth LibertySouth BendIDEM North Central Regional Office
13 18-127-0024Ogden Dunes84 Diana Rd.Ogden DunesGaryIDEM North West Regional Office
67 18-055-0001Plummer2500 S. 275 W.PlummerGreene CountyIDEM South West Regional Office
30 18-127-0023Portage-Hwy 12Bethlehem Steel Waste Lagoon Hwy 12PortageGaryIDEM North West Regional Office
37 18-167-0024Sandcut7597 N. Stevenson Rd.SandcutTerre HauteIDEM West Central Regional Office
5 18-141-0015South Bend-Shields Dr2335 Shields DriveSouth BendSouth BendIDEM North Central Regional Office
33 18-129-0003St. Philips2027 South St.Phillips Rd.St. PhilipsEvansville-HendersonIDEM South West Regional Office
9 18-167-0018Terre Haute-Lafayette Ave961 Lafayette Ave.Terre HauteTerre HauteIDEM West Central Regional Office
28 18-127-0026Valparaiso1000 Wesly Rd./Water DepartmentValparaisoGaryIDEM North West Regional Office
38 17-023-0001West Union416 South St. Highway 1West UnionClark CountyIDEM West Central Regional Office